April 28, 2017

How to add comodo ssl to BillManager




If you have bought a comodo ssl sertificate , and got the zip, it will probably have 2 files only inside it.


  1. domain_name_tld.crt
  2. domain_name_tld.ca_bundle


These seems confusing , because the billmanager actually wants from you only 1 .crt file and one .key file


So what to do? What is where? Don’t immediately start pulling your hairs.  Do following.

So that your billmanager will work you need to put actually all theese two files combined   in


/usr/share/mngr5/etc/manager.crt in following way


1.open the manager.crt file , empty it’s content , and paste in it at first the content of domain_name_tld.ca_bundle and then content of domain_name_tld.crt files content.

2.open manager.key and replace the content of it with the private key content, which you have to have when you generated the CSR file .


I am not sure if the sequence is very important, but we have put  on the top the content of the actual .crt file followed by the .ca-bundle content and it has worked.

Restart the ihttpd or nginx.


So the result will be

/usr/local/mgr5/etc/manager.crt —> into your SSL + bundle
/usr/local/mgr5/etc/manager.key –> into your private key.


All the best from Vienna.




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